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Easily adapt your currency destruction systems to polymer

Since 1979, our banknote destruction systems can handle cotton, polymer, and hybrid banknotes. There is no exceptional design needed to deal with.

Destroying polymer banknotes is not so difficult

Although the concept of banknote destruction is the same for all substrates, we are happy to explain the whole process for polymer notes in this.

Turning mixed waste into energy: Separate organics from solid and fibrous waste

The organic fraction in mixed waste streams is ideal for producing biogas. However, despite the effort put into separating and recycling waste, many.

How to improve the indoor air quality for office and operation areas

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of high-quality indoor air conditions has increased. Moreover, the focus on a healthy indoor.

The 5 pros and cons of polymer banknotes

Banknotes, we all know how they look and how to use them. Most of them are made from paper, but more and more countries are adopting polymer.

The 5 pros and cons of cotton banknotes

Cotton banknotes; What are they made from? How are they made? How long do they last? Are they recyclable? In this blog, we will discuss their pros.

Upgrade the air quality in your banknote processing areas

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on our personal and professional lives. The importance of indoor air quality is thereby on top of mind..

Why optimal plastic waste recycling should include segregating and recycling of moisture

Due to the increasing population, urbanization, and consumption of goods, landfills are overflowing, illegal dumping is increasing and gigantic.

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