Coin crushing and unwrapping systems that add value to your business


Secure & reliable

Our solutions are protected by comprehensive security systems including locks and alarms that meet the highest security standards.

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Comprehensive advice

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers can assist you in finding the best possible coin unwrapping and crushing solution to meet your specific needs.


Achieve unprecedented deformation of coins

Your main challenge is to achieve an unprecedented deformation grade, leading to the removal of the face and deformation in a way that the piece can no longer be used as a coin. Our systems ensure this type of deformation and provide optimal security and reliability.

Considerable cost savings

By using our coin crushing technology, you achieve considerable cost savings with an exceptional short return-on-investment compared to outsourced destruction services such as melting as costs are reduced because of the elimination of further security storage and transport.

Maximum efficiency

To guarantee maximum efficiency, a coin crushing system is equipped with a storage hopper and an automatic feeding system. We can also produce completely custom-made applications for coin loading.

Our coin crushing and unwrapping solutions


Coin crusher

  • Suitable for minted coins and blanks
  • Capacity 50 - 1200 kg / h (coin dependent)
  • Automatic operation
  • Control and security system
  • Man Machine Interface
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Coin unwrapper

  • Unwrapping of coins
  • Suitable for paper or plastic rolls or sachets
  • Up to 60 packages per minute
  • Manual material supply
  • Semi automatically mode of operation
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