Discover the solution for superior indoor air quality

As an employer, safeguarding a healthy indoor environment, particularly in banknote processing areas, is essential. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering offers a specialized HEPA filter system designed to ensure safe and pristine indoor air quality in these operational zones, prioritizing the well-being of your employees. Our HEPA filter system is meticulously engineered to efficiently remove airborne particles, including dust, pollutants and microorganisms, thereby creating a clean and hygienic workspace. By investing in our advanced air purification technology, you demonstrate a commitment to providing a conducive working environment that fosters productivity and employee satisfaction.

Indoor air quality in banknote destruction and other operational areas

In processing areas, machinery often incorporates filters to extract particles larger than 1 micron. However, viruses and bacteria, which are smaller than 1 micron, can persist in the supposedly "cleaned" air. Our HEPA filter effectively removes these particles as well.