Find the application for high indoor air quality

As an employer, a healthy indoor working environment for your employees is on top of mind. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, therefore, provides multiple air cleaning systems that will guarantee a healthy and safe indoor air quality for both your office spaces, banknote processing areas and operation areas.

Indoor air quality in office spaces and banknote processing areas

Offices and other working areas often make use of (mechanical) ventilation systems. Although these systems circulate the air by extracting the air from outside into the room and vice versa, all particles remain in the air. Our plug-and-play Air Purifiers will filter these particles out.

Indoor air quality in banknote destruction and other operation areas

Machinery in processing areas often features filters to extract (dust) particles larger than 1 micron. However, virus and bacteria particles are smaller than 1 micron and remain in the ‘cleaned’ air. Our HEPA filter effectively filters these particles out, too.