Smart and secure systems to process unfit currency and waste

Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and natural resources ever more exhausted. Luckily, waste is a source of reusable materials. With you, we develop and build custom recycling and unfit currency products to treat residuals environmentally friendly.

Unfit currency products

Custom-made banknote destruction and coin crushing systems that enable cost-efficient, secure and reliable destruction and disposal of banknotes, print sheets and coins

Recycling products

Custom-designed sustainable recycling products for the biobased and circular economy - that meet tomorrow's business demands.


Life cycle management of your system starts with a trusted partnership. We want to provide you with reliability and maximum durability of your system. So you can improve your process - and save valuable time and money.

Insect rearing products

Insect larvae are a promising opportunity as a source of protein for e.g. animal feed or even food products for humans in the future. We have two sorting techniques that enhance insect rearing processes..

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