Banknote printing waste destruction systems that add value to your business


Safe destruction of banknote printing waste

The primary purpose of destroying banknote printing waste is to eliminate the chance of reconstruction of a whole or part of a note and secondarily, protect the environment and reduce the volume for disposal.


Modular principle

Individual banknote printing waste destruction systems and components can be used to build solutions specific to your needs.

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Comprehensive advice

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers can assist you in finding the best possible banknote destruction  printing waste destruction solution to meet your specific needs.

A two-stage process

Each system offers efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly disintegration of misprinted banknotes in the form of sheets, reams, cut-strips, trimmings and banknote packages. The technology of disintegration is based on a two-stage process, pre-cutting by means of an integrated guillotine, followed by granulation.

Our products



  • Cut strips / reams of 500 sheets / packages of approx. 100 banknotes can be processed
  • Pre-cutting by integrated guillotine followed by granulation
  • Destruction capacity 200 - 500 kg / hr
  • Shred handling by means of briquetting system or shred collection unit
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