Reliable shred extraction, collection and briquetting solutions that contribute to successfully processing unfit currency

Currency processing systems have become increasingly complex and sophisticated. The reliability of shred extraction, collecting, and briquetting solutions have an enormous influence on the success of the currency invalidation process, both on- and offline. We design and develop currency shred handling solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Extraction equipment

Trouble-free and extremely reliable pneumatic shred extraction solutions tailored to local situations, transporting shreds dust-free to any kind of collection or compacting solution.

Shred collection

Various solutions for separate collection of cotton, polymer or hybrid banknote shreds and/or for the use emergency shred collection.

Briquetting systems

Cost-effective and reliable solutions to transform shreds - without any additives - into compact and manageable briquettes.

Air purification systems

High efficient air purification solutions to optimise the air quality. Assure an optimal healthy and safe working environment for employees.