Find the suitable application for your material

With an increasingly crowded planet and increased  usage of resource, the optimal reuse of valuable materials is of utmost importance. By developing innovative systems and technologies, we focus on processing these resources into different waste streams and residues so they can be upcycled or reused. We do all of this with the goal of helping our customers add value to their businesses. Below you can find the different streams and applications for our current  equipment.

Unfit currency applications

Unfit currency management involves more than just the destruction of money. The application of further handling the banknote shreds and coins to optimise recylability are equally important . We design, develop, deliver, install and service these solutions for all types of substrates.

Waste processing applications

With the circular economy at the center of many government initiatives, the recycling, reusing and upcycling opportunities of waste materials are in high demand. Royal Dutch Kusters develops technologies for several waste processing applications.

Insects rearing applications

Insect larvae are a promising opportunity as a source of protein for e.g. animal feed or even food products for humans in the future. We have two sorting techniques that enhance insect rearing processes..