Find the application for your waste processing business

Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of waste processing businesses by delivering high-purity waste streams. Our primary method for achieving this is through sorting and separating technologies. Below, you'll find details about the various waste streams and applications for our current waste processing equipment, with a particular emphasis on sorting compost and insect-rearing technologies. Insect rearing is closely associated with waste streams because certain insects, such as black soldier flies, mealworms, and various species of worms, are highly efficient at consuming organic waste materials. These insects can be utilized in waste management processes to convert organic waste into valuable resources such as insect protein and compost.

Sorting Compost

Even with proper kitchen and garden waste collection, impurities in compost are never completely avoided. Filtering out material such as glass, stones and plastic foils from the compost cleans up the stream and improves the business model.

Insect Rearing

Insect larvae are a promising opportunity as a source of protein for e.g. animal feed or even food products for humans in the future. We have two sorting techniques that enhance insect rearing processes..