Find the application for your waste processing business

We aim to add value to waste processing businesses in the form of high purity waste streams. We do this primarily through sorting and separating. Below you can find the different streams and applications for our current waste processing equipment.

Dewatering Paper pulp rejects

With moisture levels of up to 70%, the dewatering of paper pulp rejects is an application that is much sought after. When optimized, this process produces RDF with high calorific values and reduces costs of transport and processing of the material.

Separating Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste is one of the largest waste streams in almost every country. While often polluted, this household waste stream contains valuable materials such as RDF and organic waste. Royal Dutch Kusters provide separation solutions that provide pure organic and inorganic streams and optimize biogas potential.

Sorting Compost

Even with proper kitchen and garden waste collection, impurities in compost are never completely avoided. Filtering out material such as glass, stones and plastic foils from the compost cleans up the stream and improves the business model.

Insect Rearing

Insect larvae are a promising opportunity as a source of protein for e.g. animal feed or even food products for humans in the future. We have two sorting techniques that enhance insect rearing processes..

Separating food waste

Food waste is commonly used to generate biogas in a digester. If inorganic material enters the digester, it will eventually reduce the effectivity of the process. Our solutions separate food waste and improve its biogas potential.

Separating green waste

While green waste is generally separately collected from other waste types, a differentiation is still made between fibrous and wet organics. While the fibrous organics are ideal for composting, the wet organics can be used more efficiently in digesters to generate biogas. We separate the two fractions to utilise both.