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Operational reliability

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Dust-free operation


Volume reduction

Save space and money during transportation

The reliability of the shred briquetting technology contributes to the operational success of your currency invalidation process. The requirements for reliable and effective shred compacting systems have become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Our hydraulic briquetting systems compact the shreds, creating solid briquettes. This means that less space is needed internally for storage areas, and disposal costs are reduced.

Integration of technologies

The combination of both off-line destruction of banknotes and integrated destruction of banknotes in banknote processing systems is a procedure that is applied increasingly within Central Bank’s cash operations. Every currency disintegration system is delivered with an on-line banknote shred briquetting system that is tailored to various influential factors — such as the capacity of the destruction unit as well as the output shred percentage of the sorter.

A clean and dust free operation

Every briquetting unit is equipped with an integrated self-cleaning air filter that guarantees both dust particles and shreds are briquetted in one single process. This ensures dust free and clean operation and thus excellent labour conditions.

Our products

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  • Collection and hydraulic compacting of shreds and dust into manageable briquettes
  • Suitable for shreds of cotton based banknotes generated by sorters and / or off-line currency destruction systems
  • Briquetting capacity 75 - 1.200 kg / hr
  • Completely automatic operation
  • Number of sorters up to 20 (model dependent)
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