When coins have already been packaged and need to be unwrapped in large scales at your location, manually doing so will require a lot of time and energy. With the Coin Unwrapping System you can quickly unwrap large quantities of coins and remove various types of packaging. This enables you to easily handle the coins and optimise your process.

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Secure & reliable

Our solutions are protected by comprehensive security systems including locks and alarms that meet the highest security standards.
coin unwrapping

Separate collection

The system removes the wrapping from the coin rolls and separates the coins and the packaging into different containers so these can be repurposed.

High throughput

The Coin Unwrapping System automatically unwraps up to 60 paper or plastics rolls or sachets a minute.

Coin unwrapper

  • Depacking of coins
  • Suitable for paper or plastic rolls or sachets
  • Up to 60 packages per minute
  • Manual material supply
  • Semi automatically mode of operation
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