Optimise insect rearing with sorting solutions

OLP and Rotoshifter

The black soldier fly larvae is a promising opportunity as a source of protein for e.g. animal feed or even food products for humans.  These larvae can be fed with organic waste as a circularity solution. The OLP enables the separation of inert materials from organic waste so the feed efficiency of the insects can be improved. Additionally, the larvae can then be separated from the remains of the food waste for further processing with the Rotoshifter. Here we use both multiple wind shifters and a drum screen in one system to separate the larva from the remains based on size and weight.

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Benefits of insect rearing with our solutions


Effectively separate larvae from remains

The Rotoshifter allows larvae separation based on both density and size through combining an airstream with rotary movement. 
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Modular design

With a modular design, both the Rotoshifter and Organic Liquefying Press can be fitted to the capacity requirements of the user. This mean models may vary in terms of diameter and length.
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High throughput rate

The Rotoshifter can process a volume of 40 m3 per hour. The precise throughput is dependant on the type of material.
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High purity of insect feed

The OLP allows for high purity of organics to feed to larvae.
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Energy efficient with a small footprint

With low energy consumption and optimization per waste stream, the solutions allows for a smaller foot print and higher efficiency.
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Fully adjustable

The insect cleaning process can be adjusted to your material. This is through easily adjusting various settings in both machines such as pressure, rotor speed, angle, screen sizes etc.

How to efficiently separate larvae from waste

To separate the food remains from the larvae, both are simultaneously fed through the top of the Rotoshifter. Here, they are sorted using air and rotational forces and several drum screens. The resulting fractions are the clean insects and the manure and food remains. 

Rotoshifter 3.100-2.200-5.000


  • High purity of output materials
  • high throughput rate
  • Capable of treating various waste streams
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint
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Organic Liquefying Press

  • Unmatched resource extraction
  • High purity of separated organics
  • Deployable for a wide range of feedstock
  • Speeds up digestion process of organic material
  • Smart segregation and increased digester efficiency
  • Open architecture and predictive maintenance
  • Optimize the calorific value of RDF
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Process steps

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