High-quality insect larvae separation

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In recent years, the growing market for insect farming has inspired us to use our years of experience in separation technology to deliver a high-standard solution for the insect industry.

The Rotoshifter is an example of our commitment to advancing insect rearing practices. When the insect larvae have reached the desired stage, they need to be separated from the remains of the food and insect manure, the so-called frass. The Rotoshifter efficiently separates insect larvae from frass, ensuring minimal loss and maximum purity.

With the Rotoshifter, we're setting new standards for sustainable insect rearing worldwide. We can support businesses rear insects more efficiently while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

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Effectively separate larvae and frass


Why the Rotoshifter?

insect larvae purity level

Reaches purity level of up to 99,9%

The Rotoshifter allows larvae separation based on size and weight by combining two proven separation technologies. 

It can reach a purity level of clean larvae ánd frass up to 99,9%.

icon moist level

Handles input moist level of up to 60%

The maximum moist levels of the input  - the insects larvae mixed with frass - could be up to 60%*.

*depending on the species and composition of the frass

Rotoshifter capacity

Capable to customize capacity up to 20 m3/h

The Rotoshifter can process a volume of up to 20 m3 per hour, depending on - and adjustable by - several variables.

Similarly, the purity of the output can be determined.

How the Rotoshifter works

1. The mix of insect larvae and frass is fed through the top of the Rotoshifter.

2. Next, a screw transports them to the Rotoshifter cabin.

3. Here, they are sorted using air- and rotational forces and several drum screens simultaneously.

4. Finally, the clean insect larvae and frass are collected separately at the bottom of the Rotoshifter.

Now the insect larvae can be further processed, and the frass can be used as high-quality compost.

As demonstrated in the videos, the Rotoshifter has no problem handling various species.

Moreover, its customizable settings make the Rotoshifter fit in nearly any insect rearing process.

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7 features of the Rotoshifter

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Rotoshifter


  Effectively separates larvae and frass
  Capacity and purity of output adjustable
  Separation efficiency up to 99,9%
  Available in various models (throughput capacity 0,5-20 m3 per hour)
  Low energy consumption
  Minimize loss of larvae in frass
  Remove skins and dead larvae


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