The banknote disinfection system that neutralizes viruses and pathogens on banknotes

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In 2020, the importance of hygiene was emphasized by the outbreak of COVID-19. Although the results of reports on the survivability of SARS-CoV-2 on banknotes – paper, hybrid or polymer - are conflicting, providing clean and disinfected banknotes has to be a great benefit in suppressing the fear people have of catching (mutants of) the virus or future viruses. 

Contaminated banknotes 

The Banknote Disinfection System is very useful when receiving notes, from flooding, fires, drugs or other kind of contamination to ensure the health and safety of the Banks' employees working with these notes. Also it can be used for further optimising a clean note policy.
BDS1000 Banknote Disinfection System

BDS-1000 banknote disinfection system

  • Neutralises viruses and pathogens
  • Disinfection of contaminated notes
  • Threads, holograms, inks, fluorescent features and
    fibres are not affected
  • From 250.000 up to 5 million notes per hour
  • Self-contained system, no consumables
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Self-contained system, no consumables required

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