Ultimate balance between security, reliability and  cost-efficiency

Central Banks and Banknote Printing Works and Mints have changed to secure, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly destruction of currency. To meet their standards, needs and wants, we develop and build custom unfit currency destruction and coin crushing systems with much attention paid to design, functionality, security, operator ease and ergonomic aspects. The solutions range from compact standard systems to fully integrated, automated and connected solutions.

Modular principle

Our currency disintegration systems and components can be used to build solutions specific to your needs.


Meeting the highest standards

Secure and efficient destruction of banknotes, printing waste, and coins to meet the highest global security guidelines.

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Comprehensive advice

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers can assist you in finding the best possible banknote destruction solution to meet your specific needs.

Banknote destruction

Environmentally friendly, secure and effective banknote destruction solutions for cotton-based, polymer and hybrid substrates.

Printing waste destruction

Efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems for the destruction of banknote printing wastes in the form of sheets, cut-strips trimmings and misprinted banknotes.

Coin crushing and unwrapping

Secure, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for durable coin destruction and unwrapping. The destruction of coins is made by crushing.

Banknote shred extraction solutions

Trouble-free and extremely reliable pneumatic shred extraction solutions tailored to local situations, transporting shreds dust-free to any kind of collection or compacting solution.

Shred collection

Various solutions for separate collection of cotton, polymer or hybrid banknote shreds and/or for the use emergency shred collection.

Briquetting systems

Cost-effective and reliable solutions to transform shreds — without any additives — into compact and manageable briquettes.