High quality and innovative solutions for
currency destruction

The life cycle of banknotes and coins can only be fully completed by means of a guaranteed and secure destruction. All over the world, Central Banks and Banknote Printing Works and Mints have changed to the method of efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly destruction of currency — be it banknotes, sheets, cut strips, coins or any other form of securities. Trusted since 1911, Royal Dutch Kusters is committed to crafting machines that have achieved pre-eminence in the world of currency destruction.

Banknote destruction

Environmentally friendly, secure and effective banknote destruction solutions for cotton-based, polymer and hybrid substrates.

Banknote printing waste destruction

Efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems for the destruction of misprinted banknotes in the form of sheets, reams cut-strips, trimmings and banknote packages.

Coin crushing and unwrapping

Secure, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for durable coin unpacking and coin destruction.