High quality and innovative solutions for
currency destruction

The life cycle of banknotes and coins can only be fully completed by means of a guaranteed and secure destruction. All over the world, Central Banks and Banknote Printing Works and Mints have changed to the method of efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly destruction of currency — be it banknotes, sheets, cut strips, coins or any other form of securities. Trusted since 1911, Royal Dutch Kusters is committed to crafting machines that have achieved pre-eminence in the world of currency destruction.

Banknote destruction

Banknote destruction and currency invalidation for currency (paper, polymer and hybrids) needs to be handled with the utmost precision and care. Kusters Currency Disintegration Systems (CDS) can destroy up to 1000 kg/hr of banknotes.

Banknote printing waste destruction

Kusters reliable printing waste destruction systems are suitable for misprinted banknotes in the form of sheets, reams, cut-strips, trimmings and banknote packages. Our unique technology is based on a two-stage process, pre-cutting and granulating.

Coin crushing and unwrapping

Our innovative Coin Crushing Systems (CCS) deform the coins and thereafter the former coins can be sold as scrap metal. A Coin Unwrapping System (CUS) is the best solution for unpacking coins from its paper or plastic bag or roll.

Banknote puncher

Are you looking for an efficient way to cancel your banknotes? Our electric banknote cancelling machine can reach up to 2400 packages per hour. Upon request, the machine can be built to cancel each banknote package with up to 6 round holes and also other hole diameters are possible.