A healthy and safe indoor environment for your employees

As an employer, ensuring a healthy indoor environment, especially in banknote processing areas, is crucial. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering provides a specialized HEPA filter system, dedicated to maintaining safe and spotless indoor air quality in these operational zones, prioritizing your employees' well-being. Our meticulously engineered HEPA filter system effectively eliminates airborne particles, such as dust, pollutants and microorganisms, promoting a clean and hygienic workspace. By investing in our advanced air purification technology, you showcase your dedication to fostering productivity and employee satisfaction through a conducive working environment.

Indoor air quality in banknote destruction and other operation areas.

Machinery in processing areas often features filters to extract (dust) particles larger than 1 micron. However, virus and bacteria particles are smaller than 1 micron and remain in the ‘cleaned’ air. Our HEPA filter effectively filters these particles out, too.

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