How to improve the indoor air quality for office and operation areas

Anika van Dam on 23-02-2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of high-quality indoor air conditions has increased. Moreover, the focus on a healthy indoor environment has broadened to offices and other working areas. Why you should improve the indoor air quality and how you can arrange this for both office and operation areas, we discuss in this blog.


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The importance of indoor quality
How to upgrade the air quality in operation areas
How to improve the air quality in office spaces
The working of air ionizer technology
The 7 benefits of the Air Purification systems


The importance of indoor quality

Both outdoors and indoors, various sizes of particles are floating through the air. The smaller they are, the more difficult it is to filter them out. The smallest particles have a diameter of fewer than 1 micron. These particles include, among others: dust, combustion particles, bacteria and viruses. Because they are so little, they penetrate directly through the lungs into the circulatory and nervous systems. This way, they reach the organs where they can cause considerable damage. It is, therefore, essential to filter these particles out, too. Especially now, while we are dealing with viruses as COVID-19.


How to upgrade the air quality in operation areas

Concerning dust particles, machinery in processing areas often feature filters to extract particles larger than 1 micron. All our systems are equipped with filters compliant with the European legislation regarding the re-circulation of processed air.

However, virus and bacteria particles are smaller than 1 micron and remain in the ‘cleaned’ air. To effectively filter these out, we opt for connecting our HEPA filter to the existing process. This filter collects efficiencies of more than 99,99% on all particles larger than 0.3 microns, noise-free. This way, you are assured of a safe indoor working environment and high outdoor air quality for the neighbourhood.

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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering HEPA filterRoyal Dutch Kusters Engineering HEPA filter


How to improve the air quality in office spaces

Offices and other working areas, on the other hand, depend on the use of (mechanical) ventilation systems. These extract the air from outside into the room and vice versa. Although the air is circulated and so forming fewer health risks, all particles remain in the air. Our new, plug-and-play Air Purifiers can solve this problem.

They purify over 99% of nano-sized and ultra-fine particles (PM1) in the air. Moreover, the systems kill viruses and bacteria thanks to their unique, patented air ionizer technology. This way, you are assured of a healthy and clean indoor air quality for all your office and processing areas.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Air Purification Systems

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Air Purification series


The working of air ionizer technology

One of the tremendous advantages of the devices is that they are filter-free. Instead of filters, the system uses negatively loaded ions to create an ionic field and flow. The ions attach to the contaminated particles and are then blown against the inner walls of the device. The ions then attack and impair the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, causing them to die. Now the cleaned air is ready to be blown back into the room. Finally, the device cleans itself by rinsing the inner walls with a mixture of water and detergent. A separate tank will collect the water. Since the residue is harmless to the environment, the tank can be emptied without any concerns.

Research-proven and patented technology

This technology has been formally tested by various research institutes. These tests have shown the Air Purification series purify over 99% of nano-sized particles in the air. They also confirmed that the systems, indeed, kill bacteria and viruses.

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The 7 benefits of the Air Purification systems

✔  They work as stand-alone air purifiers. Plug and play.
✔  They clean nano-sized and ultra-fine particles (PM1), including viruses and bacteria. 
✔  They maintain a consistent performance level, thanks to their unique air ionizer technology.
✔  They clean themselves with a water-based residue. No secondary waste is generated.
✔  They assure a low power consumption.
✔  They are ultra-quiet, perfect for office areas.
✔  They reduce operating costs as there is no need to purchase filters.


Discover our Air Purification solutions

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering designs, develops and maintains high-quality machinery for the unfit currency management, secure data destruction and waste processing markets.

With our Air Purification solutions, we like to optimise the indoor working environment of our customers. Recently, multiple systems have already been sold to Central Banks in Asia.

Do you also want to improve the air quality in your office and processing areas?

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