Separate mixed waste into various clean streams

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Rotoshifter

The Rotoshifter is an innovative solution to sort various materials based on differences in form, density, and size. It separates mixed waste materials into multiple waste streams. It combines two separating techniques in one efficient, low energy consuming system: wind shifting and drum screening. This results in a two stage separation process. In the first stage, air separation is used for complete separation of various light materials. Secondly, screen separation provides separation based on size.

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Effective separation of mixed waste materials

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High purity of output materials

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Capable of treating various waste streams

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Modular design to meet capacity and purity requirements

Applications for waste sorting with the Rotoshifter

The amount of applications prove the Rotoshifter is a real allrounder. It is particularly suited for the separation of: Glass, stones and plastic foils from compost; styrofoam from sieve sand, plastics from glass, plastic foils from hard plastics, plastics from rockwool and many more.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Rotoshifter

Sorting Compost

Even with proper kitchen and garden waste collection, impurities in compost are never completely avoided. The Rotoshifter is able to achieve pure compost in an energy efficient way

Insect Rearing

The larvae can be separated from the remains of food waste for further processing with the Rotoshifter.
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Process steps

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But how will it work with my waste stream?

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