The air purification solution for unfit currency destuction and shred handling environments

Royal Dutch Kusters - HEPA filter system
In recent months, the importance of indoor air quality has been emphasized with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. In both personal and professional areas solutions are explored to guarantee healthy indoor environments. To provide a fitting solution for your operation areas, we now offer HEPA  (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for banknote sorting, destruction and shred handling systems. The HEPA-filter will guarantee an air quality similar to hospitals, laboratories and other production plants for your currency handling environments.
Virus particle white

Collect 99.99% of particles >0.3 microns

Air transport

Feed clean air back into the operating area

EU compliant

Fully compliant with EU legislation

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering - HEPA filter system

HEPA filter

  • Can be connected to existing exhaust air from banknote processing systems
  • Cleans exhaust air to higher quality level to ensure better air quality into the building or outside area
  • Is fully compliant with European legislation
  • Ensures optimal working conditions for the operating staff
  • Extracted air is free of contaminants
  • Collection efficiencies of more than 99.99% on all particles larger than 0,3 microns.
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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering - flowchart HEPA filter

Greatly enhance the air quality in your currency destruction environment

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