When banknotes are taken out of circulation at the end of life or due to a misprint, they have to be securely and sustainably destroyed. Above all, that process needs to be reliable and handled with the utmost precision and care. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering offers custom-made solutions to securely and effectively destroy banknotes.

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Reliable with all substrates

Systems have a 15-year lifetime and destroy cotton, polymer or hybrid banknotes with a maximum shred size of 6x6 mm.
pre crusher

Ultimate security

The storage and feeding system is fully enclosed and lockable. Operators use two-factor authentication for off-line batch load, lock and leave operation.
Bundle banknotes

Easy operation

After loading bundles of banknotes, the operator controls the machine from a touch screen. The system then operates automatically under PLC control.


  • Fully enclosed, lockable storage & feeding system
  • Storage and loading capacity up to 3,000 kg
  • Shred size 6 x 6 mm or any other requested size
  • Destruction capacity up to 1,000 kg/hr
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Banknote Destruction Process

Customer testimonials

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Bank of England

Currency department

Our destruction equipment, though nearly 25 years old, is reliable and efficient. Given its long service, the system has been very durable and has sustained a number of modifications over the years to align with the Bank’s changing requirements.

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