Energy-efficient compost sorting in two stages

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Rotoshifter

Even with proper kitchen and garden waste collection, impurities in compost are never completely avoided. The Rotoshifter combines two separating techniques to achieve pure compost in an energy efficient way: wind shifting and drum screening. This results in a two stage separation process. In the first stage, air separation is used for complete separation of various light materials. Secondly, screen separation provides separation based on size.

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Benefits of cleaning compost with the Rotoshifter

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High purity of compost

The design of the Rotoshifter allows compost cleaning based on both density and size through combining an airstream with rotary movement. This way the light compost material is separated even from other light materials such as foil and purity is increased.

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Modular design to meet capacity and purity requirements

With a modular design, the Rotoshifter can be fitted to the capacity requirements of the user. This mean models may vary in terms of diameter and length.
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High throughput rate

The Rotoshifter throughput can vary up to 20 tons per hour. This allows medium to large scale processing of waste.
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Remove all heavy material from compost stream

The rotoshifter is especially optimised to separate based on size and density. This allows for easy removal of heavy materials
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Energy efficient with a small footprint

With low energy consumption and optimization per waste stream, the Rotoshifter allows for a smaller foot print and higher efficiency.
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Fully adjustable

Varying on your material, the compost cleaning process can be adjusted. This is through easily adjusting rotor speed, air speed, airflow, turning angle and screen size.

How to retrieve high purity compost

To separate the compost from the other waste streams, the material is fed through the top of the Rotoshifter. Here, it is first sorted through both air and rotational forces and sieved by size. The resulting fractions depend on the settings of the machine as they are entirely customizable to your waste stream. 

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering Rotoshifter


  • High purity of output materials
  • high throughput rate
  • Capable of treating various waste streams
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint
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Process steps

process sorting compost with the Rotoshifter

But how will it work with my waste stream?

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