High performance banknote cancelling machine

Banknote canceller

Banknote puncher  suitable for local banks

This banknote cancelling machine will support local banks branches and reduce the risks for transport. This because the punched holes will make the banknotes worthless and therefore will eliminate the risks during transport. By using different punch patterns, different orgins can be made visible.
All over the world banknotes which aren't fit for circulation need to be sorted, gathered and eventually destroyed. The destruction is mostly done centrally. But before they can be destroyed they also need to be transported to the authorized institutions. Of course the transport of these unfit banknotes contains certain risks. To reduce these risks as much as possible the unfit banknotes can already be cancelled locally with the banknote punching machine. This can be done directly after these have been sorted.

Features of the banknote Puncher

KP 4000 - white background 2

Banknote puncher KP-4000

  • A safe method to cancel unfit  banknotes just after they have been sorted
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Electronically controlled
  • Up to 2400 packages can be cancelled per hour
  • Option to modify the punch pattern and the number of holes

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KP-4000 (proces)-2

Capacity up to 2400 packages per hour

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