KE 020507- 053

When secure documents or classified data are to be destroyed, the main goal is to ensure that no information can be retrieved, that security risks during destruction are limited and that the process is sustainable and non damaging to the environment. With our various shredding and briquetting machine solutions we ensure all these challenges are taken care of in one system fit for your application and location.


Reliable with different materials

Systems have a 15-year lifetime and destroy various secure materials at the highest security standards.

Ultimate security

Our destruction systems facilitate various levels of log-in identification and security measures meet the requirements of NSA/CSS 02/02 specifications.
Bundle banknotes

Easy operation

After loading bundles of documents, the operator controls the machine from a touch screen. The system then operates automatically under PLC control.
KE 020507- 053

ID Series

  • Fully enclosed, lockable storage & feeding system
  • Storage and loading capacity up to 3,000 kg
  • Low noise, low dust
  • Technical lifetime 10-15 years
  • Integrated  dual stage metal separation
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SID Series

  • Capable of securely destroying a large range of media carriers from documents, passports and other security papers
  • Capacity of 75-250kg/h
  • 70-500 pages input
  • Various shreds sizes
  • Optional capacity adjustments, collection and feeding systems available
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OMD/HDD Series

  • Compact system
  • Hand-fed system
  • Suitable for optical media, cd's, memory sticks, mobile phones and hard drive disks
  • Technical lifetime 10-15 years
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