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Upon your initial visit to our website, you'll encounter a notification regarding cookies. This serves as an invitation to tailor your experience by choosing to accept or decline cookies and similar technologies. By selecting "Cookie Settings," you will be directed to the cookie tick boxes where you have control over your consents. This empowers you to dictate whether and which cookies are deployed on your device.

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Understanding cookies
Cookies, in a digital context, are succinct data packets stored by websites on your device through your web browser. Upon revisiting a site, these cookies are retrieved, facilitating device recognition. Importantly, cookies do not execute programs or introduce viruses to your device.

Essential cookies are transitory, preserving your preferences for the duration of your website visit and expiring upon browser closure. Others, functioning as data collectors, augment your website experience through personalized adjustments.

At Kusters, our utilization encompasses both "session cookies," automatically expiring upon browser closure, and "persistent cookies," enduring until a specified expiration date. It is essential to note that certain website functionalities may be limited or unavailable without the use of cookies.

Categorizing cookies

Essential functionality - strictly necessary cookies
- Vital for seamless website functionality; non-negotiable in terms of disablement.
- Activated in response to actions such as privacy preference settings, logins, or form submissions.
- Legitimate interest in website operation constitutes the legal basis for data processing.

Advanced functionality - functional cookies (Analytics)
- Enable enhanced functionality and personalization.
- Originating from us or third-party providers.
- Your consent serves as the legal foundation for data processing.

Performance metrics - performance cookies
- Facilitate visit and traffic source tracking to refine and enhance website performance.
- Anonymously collect data to preserve privacy.
- Legal processing of data relies on your consent.

Targeted advertising - targeting cookies
- Established by advertising partners to profile interests and present relevant ads on external sites.
- Rooted in browser and device identification, without direct storage of personal data.
- Consent from you is the legal basis for data processing.

For any inquiries or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your privacy and the customization of your online experience are really important to us.


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