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From the moment your system is set up, our service department is there to be of assistance. Not only do we ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment, but we advise you as your process evolves over the lifetime of the machine. Whether you need maintenance, adjustments to the equipment or further training for your staff, we make sure you receive the very best value from our machinery.

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Overhaul and Upgradation

Core mechanical and electrical components are crucial to ensure an optimal performance of your systems. Due to gradual decline they need to be replaced or upgraded to increase the systems’ lifetime and/or the capacity.

Service Level Agreements

Ensure maximum uptime, extreme durability, reliability and safeguard yourself against unexpected costs with a tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA). We match your specific needs and wants with our services providing customised solutions for your specific project or situation.

Original Parts

It’s no secret that our solutions work best when using original parts. Original parts are a necessity to guarantee optimal performance of your system with maximum uptime and reliability. It is recommended to stock key parts and consumables on-site.


Every system we design, build, deliver and install comes with a standard warranty. Unexpected costs in the case of any production defects of the components and original parts are included in the warranty of the system, regardless of the intensity of use.


Having trained personnel operate your system improves reliability and durability. It also increases self-reliance and may reduce operating and maintenance costs.


Even with periodical (preventive) maintenance, performance will gradually decline over the years due to ‘hidden’ wear and tear. Furthermore, it may be necessary to replace specific components in the system because of improved technology.

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The upgrade ensured we were able to prolong the life of our destruction equipment whilst supporting a change in our operations.


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