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Unfit currency management involves more than just the destruction of money - it is also about trust. Trust in our ability to provide you with safe, secure, reliable and cost efficient solutions. As important is the further handling of the banknote shreds. We design, develop, deliver, install and service these solutions for all types of substrates to ensure reliability, security and cost-efficiency.

Destruction of currency

Whether it involves coins, banknotes or sheets - we develop secure and high-quality solutions for currency destruction. Each solution is based on a high degree of operational reliability, an exceptional norm in security and an optimal degree of safety and environmental awareness.

Currency shred handling

When destroying banknotes - both on- and off-line - a reliable solution for collection and shred handling is as important as the destruction itself. Safeguard the reliability and up-time of your banknote sorting centre and process the daily volume of banknotes under trouble-free conditions by high-quality shred extraction, collection and briquetting systems.

Currency Disinfection

The BDS-1000 banknote disinfection system neutralizes viruses and pathogens on contaminated banknotes and has a capacity from 250.000 up to 5 million banknotes per hour.

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