Find the application for your currency process

When managing currency, security and continuity of cash operations are extremely important. After all, any process involving banknotes and coins comes with significant responsibility. It’s nice to remain assured that, while reaching targets in your cash process, the unfit currency is properly disposed of. This way sustainability is combined with an efficient process.

Banknote Destruction

At the end of life, banknotes should be securely and sustainably proccesed. Royal Dutch Kusters provides destruction and currency invalidation for misprinted banknotes for all substrates: paper, polymer and hybrids.

Coin Crushing

As coins are generally very durable, a suitable solution for unfit units has to ensure proper devaluation. Royal Dutch Kusters provides solutions for this application through coin crushing.


Unwrapping of coins. Systems are suitable for paper or plastic rolls or sachets. Our equipment is capable of processing up to 60 packages per minute.

Printing Waste Destruction

The primary purpose of destroying banknote printing waste is to eliminate the chance of reconstruction of a whole or part of a note and secondarily, protect the environment and reduce the volume for disposal.

Shred Extraction

To assure trouble-free and extremely reliable transport of shreds, even over a long distance, the essential know-how of pneumatic transport is required. Every system is custom made to your specific needs and wants — because each situation requires a different approach.

Shred Collection

Whether it is for the disposal of polymer banknotes that are not suitable for briquetting or for the use of emergency shred collection, we provide various solutions for the processing of shreds of banknotes. This way we optimise the recyclability of currency.


The requirements for reliable and effective shred compacting systems have become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Our hydraulic briquetting systems compact the shreds, creating solid briquettes. This means that less space is needed internally for storage areas, and disposal costs are reduced.

Shred Handling

Currency processing systems have become increasingly complex and sophisticated. The reliability of shred extraction, collecting, and briquetting solutions have an enormous influence on the success of the currency invalidation process, both on- and offline.