Innovation & Sustainability:
A common thread through our existence




Innovation and sustainability

It’s our main goal to design, build and deliver solutions that keep adding value to your business. Innovation and sustainability are two key factors to keep this promise. Both innovation and sustainability are at the core of our DNA and run as a common thread through our entire existence.


Our main focus for innovation lies on developing and delivering high quality and innovative products and services. Innovation requires an ability to co-create with our partners (customers, sales partners, suppliers and educational institutions) across borders and cultures. It contributes to reducing costs for our customers, continuous quality improvement and increasing the speed of our total operation process.

Innovation is not just about developing and introducing new products — it’s also about creating an innovative climate for employees: by renewing our processes, organizational structure, and social policy, we can ensure the development of ingenious products that add value to your business.


It’s our goal to contribute to a better, cleaner, and greener world. Not just through our innovative solutions to recover and reuse valuable materials, but also by making our internal processes and society as sustainable as we can. To mention a few initiatives:

Recycling.png Using LED lights in our factory
Recycling.png Sorting and recycling our waste streams for optimal reuse and recovery of valuable materials
Recycling.png Upgrade, overhaul and relocation of existing systems
Recycling.png Operational processes that meet the ISO 14001:2004 requirements