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Why to look beyond DIN for secure document shredding

When purchasing equipment to shred secure documents, government agencies make use of different guidelines to determine whether the shred size matches.

Improve the quality of separated waste material with the Rotoshifter

When you're active in the separation of organic or industrial material you want the result of the sorting process to have the highest possible.

3 reasons why source separation can't always be the sole solution

Following the trend of the circular economy, many countries are gearing up their infrastructure to more effectively separate and use their waste. A.

From banknote to power socket; Processing polymer banknotes

Polymer banknotes are an ongoing innovation in currency. Instead of a cotton-based substrate, these notes are made of a thin sheet of polypropylene.

Turning cash into a natural resource; Recycling banknotes

The disposal of unfit banknotes doesn’t stop with the destruction and briquetting of the banknotes alone. There is still the remaining waste paper in.

Extracting, collecting and compacting the shreds of unfit banknotes

When destroying banknotes, both on- and off-line, a reliable solution to efficiently transport and collect the shreds is important. Especially in.

Shredding and Granulating; Sustainably Destroying Unfit Banknotes

The destruction of unfit banknotes in today’s world is primarily done through the shredding and granulating of the notes so these can be further.

Upscaling Renewable Energy in the UK by Efficiently Pretreating MSW

New opportunities have risen for recycling companies in the UK. In the Waste Resourses Action Plan, published in early 2019, the UK government shows.

The difference between offline and online banknote destruction

With heavy usage over a longer period of time, banknotes eventually become unfit for use. These notes are then returned to cash centres across the.

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