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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering will be attending the ZELLCHEMING Virtual Days as Research and Newcomer partner on June 9 and 10. 

In recent years, the immense growth of waste and the urgent need for improving waste management has inspired us to re-enter the waste processing market by designing and developing innovative separation technologies. One of them is our Organic Liquefying Press (OLP). Although designed to separate organic fractions from household waste (MSW) as a food source for insect breeding, the press has proven to be very suitable for dewatering paper pulp and plastics.

And paper is what ZELLCHEMING Virtual Days is all about. It is the go-to event for the paper and fiber community. The online event features keynote speeches and panel discussions, science flashes, best practice lectures, live workshops and use cases, and Q&A sessions with industry experts. In addition, there are various networking tools to spar with potential partners, suppliers and customers. 

Are you involved with the paper and fiber industry? We would love to meet you online!

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