Innovative reuse of valuable materials

Designing, developing and maintaining high-quality machines to reuse valuable materials in a secure and smart way — that’s what we are specialized in. You want machinery to add value to your business and provide an ultimate balance between reliability, cost efficiency, and sustainability.

At Royal Dutch Kusters — a family-owned company with a proven history of innovation and entrepreneurship — we help you do that.

Sustainable, reliable and cost efficient solutions

currency disintegration destruction system CDS-500

Unfit currency

Reliable and secure solutions for destroying unfit currency and processing the shreds is what you need. We develop innovative, reliable and high security solutions for currency destruction whether it be banknotes, banknote printing waste or even coins that meet the highest standards.

Look no further if you require efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly destruction of currency.

Organic_Liquefying_Press_OLP_2 (1)

Circular and biobased recycling

Solutions that make a positive contribution to the development and implementation of the circular and biobased economy — that’s what we deliver. This includes custom-made solutions that meet your needs in the field of sorting and transporting for the recovery of raw materials from waste and scrap, but also insect rearing equipment which also contributes to a circular economy.

High-quality and reliable products

Unfit currency products

Custom-designed banknote and printing waste destruction and coin crushing systems with an ultimate balance between reliability, cost efficiency and security.

Waste processing products

Custom-made recycling products for the biobased and circular economy for environmentally friendly treatment of residuals.


Service solutions to provide reliability and improve durability of all systems to optimise life cycles.

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Our experts are happy to help you, whatever your question, challenge or need is. They can advise about the right capacity, model or the best solution in general.