New in our product portfolio: The Spectra Systems Banknote Disinfection System

Anika van Dam on 19-07-2021

viruses and bacteria on banknotes

Recently, we welcomed the Spectra Systems Banknote Disinfection System (BDS) to our product portfolio. It neutralises viruses and pathogens on banknotes without loss of threads, holograms, inks, fluorescents features, fibres or planchettes.


The importance of guaranteeing safety

Despite the conflicting theories on the survivability of COVID-19 on the surface of banknotes - paper, hybrid or polymer -, ensuring safe banknotes has to be a great benefit in suppressing the fear people have of catching (mutants of) the virus or future viruses. Especially in places where banknotes are recycled, such as in casinos, shopping centres etc.

spectra-systems-bds-1000-news-imageSpectra Systems Banknote Disinfection System


Neutralise viruses while protecting the banknote

Spectra Systems has, therefore, developed a new, patented system that disinfects banknotes using heat in an oxygen-free environment. The system neutralises COVID-19 and other viral and bacterial pathogens while protecting the banknote’s substrate, inks and security features.

In cooperation between Spectra Systems and Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, this technology is now being introduced.

Are you - or do you know someone - who is interested in this system? Please, contact our experts or download our Banknote Disinfection System leaflet. 

Download banknote disinfection system leaflet


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