Insect farming project: Ecoprot Norway

Miranda Knoops on 4-01-2023

In April 2022 we delivered a brand new Rotoshifter to Ecoprot in Norway. The Rotoshifter is a new, automated harvesting technology that separates Black Soldier Flies Larvae from frass using air- and rotational forces and several drum screens simultaneously with an efficiency of up to 99,9% clean insects (larvae). Ecoprot wanted to automate the process of sieving Black Soldier Flies Larvae from frass and were looking for a solution.

For the tests we used larvae and frass from Ecoprot Norway and tested it at our facility in Venlo, the Netherlands. The Rotoshifter proved to be the best solution for their requirements. Seeing our Rotoshifter in real live and experience how the separation works is something we offer to all our potential customers.

operating lay-out



In the picture above you can see the Rotoshifter at the location of our client. Below the picture on the left is the input and in the video on the right side you see the output of the black soldier flies larvae. Would you also like to see how the Rotoshifter could work for your larvae? You could always request for a demonstration



To learn more about insect (larvae) harvesting methods and the Rotoshifter technology, read the article or visit our insect rearing page. 

Visit insect rearing page



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