Beta Buzz: The New, High-Quality Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Frass Separator

Anika van Dam on 10-11-2021

In the new insect farming industry publication Beta Buzz, Kusters explains the differences between manual and automated sieving of insects (larvae) from frass, and we introduce our alternative: the Rotoshifter.

The new, automated insects (larvae) harvesting technology

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering contributed to the first-ever publication of Beta Buzz by providing an article on the differences between manual and automated sieving of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). One of the automated 'sieving' alternatives is the Royal Dutch Kusters Rotoshifter.

Read Beta Buzz Issue 1

The Rotoshifter is a new, automated harvesting technology that separates BSFL from frass using air- and rotational forces and several drum screens simultaneously with an efficiency of up to 99,9% clean insects (larvae).

To learn more about insect (larvae) harvesting methods and the Rotoshifter technology, read the article or visit our insect rearing page. 

Visit insect rearing page


Beta Buzz: a publication by Beta Bugs Ltd. from Edinburgh

Beta Buzz was launched by Beta Bugs Ltd. With the publication of Beta Buzz the organization wants to help the sector address some of the questions regarding the farming of Black Soldier Fly. To help new entrants and farmers who strive to diversify into the insect farming industry. 

By farming insects, the sector can create a more resilient, circular, and sustainable food system that preserves biodiversity and helps the agri-food sector reach net zero. That is where Beta Buzz comes in.

royal dutch kusters engineering in beta buzz issue 1


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