Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum 2022, 14 - 16 November, Edinburgh

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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering is attending the Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum that will take place 14-16 November in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

The inaugural Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum, which takes place 14-16 November in Edinburgh, is the only event that brings together all the stakeholder in the cash cycle, and beyond, to work towards sustainability in the production, circulation and destruction of one of the world’s most enduring and widely used products.

It will share best practice, promote cooperation and address specific environmental challenges and solutions in the cash and payments arena.

On Wednesday 16 November our Sales Director, Jeroen Kusters, will present and give an overview of how central banks are disposing their unfit banknotes. Also several solutions will be discussed. 

Organised by Reconnaissance International, publishers of last year’s white paper “Cash: a Roadmap to Sustainability”, the event is styled as a forum to focus on practitioners and decision makers. It is about adding value so that everybody learns, thinks, networks and comes away better able to develop policy, assess performance and options, work with others and implement new ideas.




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